In today’s busy society, it’s not always feasible to copy, print, or share forms via the computer and the copier/fax/printer in one’s home or business. Having said that, it’s important to be equipped with top quality mobile forms software.  Sometimes, business professionals and university students are on the go, and thus, may need certain forms on the spot while out and about.

Features That Quality Mobile Forms Software Have

To stay ahead of the game, there’s no time to mess around with mediocre software.  The software must be fast, reliable, and deliver professional looking results.  The other features that constitute as great quality software for mobile forms are as follows:

  1. Go paperless– great for the ecosystem, for faster and more productivity, and to eliminate the possibility of misplacing important paperwork
  2. Real time access– have fast and real access to monitor production and to have important documents when needed. Business professionals can spot potential problems right away and change things in seconds.
  3. Installing more accurate data– that replaces error prone information. Errors  an be very costly mistakes.
  4. Works Offline– good to have in case of outages. Outages are  bound to happen sometimes even with the best equipment. Things out of one’s control sometimes happen, and this feature is needed for those times.
  5. Automatic calculation– for faster workflow and lesser risk of mistakes. There will be no need to number crunch, and financial records are easily maintained.
  6. API integration– API is the acronym for application programming interface. This includes the processes and allowance to give access of programs to connect and communicate with other programs. The processes are ran behind the scenes, such as the processing of customer’s credit card information for verification purposes.
  7. External data sources implementation– for faster and better productivity instead of wasting time finding data.
  8. Multiple platforms– great for different business departments, better workflow, and monitoring
  9. Custom form builder– good to have to custom make according to the business and professional needs
  10. Importing/ exporting tools and options– for faster monitoring and production for importing/exporting
  11. Reach media collection– for professional looking presentations and business forms
  12. Geotagging– GPS and time stamping for auditing purposes from customer visits to bank drops
  13. Integration– for all the easy access of vital teams and users
  14. Conditional logic– some information can automatically load to reduce timing, such as the business address and phone number and other repetative information


These features mentioned above are mandatory to stay abreast in the business world or when making the grade for college. There are other amazing features, such as signatures and image recognition. However, the features listed above are the definite must-haves in addition to reliability, fast, and professional looking delivery. With these features, professionals will have solid tools to be and remain on top.


Some mobile form software also has screen screen savers.

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