While many companies allow their employees to wear their own clothes (within reason), many others choose to have them wear branded uniforms for a number of reasons.

Here are top three reasons why your company should consider investing in some high-quality workwear.

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Perhaps the main reason businesses choose to use branded workwear is the professional way in which it reflects the company.

If you take the time and spend a bit of money on getting a really well designed logo and workwear, it’ll really reflect well on the business, which is important because first impressions count for a lot with customers.

It also helps to build brand recognition, and once people start to see your staff wearing their new uniforms, they’ll start to associate seeing those colours with your business.

And every time somebody sees a member of your staff, wherever they are, they’re being exposed to your company.

For example, think about Royal Mail or EasyJet, and you instantly think of red and orange! Check out all these famous examples in this great post from Printsome.

It Creates a Sense of Unity

Another benefit of well-designed workwear is that it brings all of your staff together.

Having everyone in the same uniform helps to flatten out any hierarchies and improve relations throughout the workforce, making everyone feel more equal.

You can read more about how uniform engenders a sense of unity in this piece from The Guardian (although it’s about school uniform, the same principle applies.)

However, this only works if the employees are actually comfortable and happy in their new uniforms, so make sure you consult with them first before making any decisions as if they’re not happy, this will only bring staff morale down.

You’ll also need to make sure that the clothes all fit well so that employees are comfortable in their new uniforms.

This is why it’s extra important to make sure that the workwear which you invest in is of a high quality!

It Makes Employees Stand Out

If your employees are working in a retail environment, it’s often more difficult than you’d think for customers to pick out who actually works there.

A clearly branded uniform makes it easy for customers to see where staff are so that they can ask them any questions that they may have.

We spoke to Stitch Embroidery, who said: “You’d be surprised how many customers businesses lose by not having their staff clearly marked out by their uniform.

“Many customers actually feel rude bothering an employee who isn’t in workwear, as they’re not sure if they even work there, but there are no such problems when you introduce a uniform.”

Customers will also be much more likely to approach your staff and engage with them if they see them wearing a smart uniform.

You may also want to put your company phone number and/or email address on the clothing as well, to make it that little bit easier for customers to get in touch.

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