For any writer who wants to be a renowned author, knowing the ins and outs of book publishing is extremely important. Once upon a time you would be dependent on the mercies of publishing houses to see your books in a bookstore, but in this digital age, alternative opportunities for publishing also exist.

Types of publishing

There are basically two ways for you to publish books; traditional publishing or self publishing.

  • Traditional publishing: A publisher would enter into a contract with you. According to the terms of the contact the publisher would print, market and sell your book. But attracting the attention of a well known publisher isn’t a easy task, you will need an agent. If you are writing nonfiction then you will have to submit sample chapters and synopsis for every chapter that your book is going to have. For a fiction, you will have to have the manuscript ready before you approach an agent. You can learn more about agents from Mindstir Media.

  • Self publishing: There is a lot of scope and different models for self publishing. If you have the money, then you can opt for print-on-demand, the books are produced one at a time as the orders came. This is a very cost effective method of self publishing. A vanity publishing deal is more cost intensive; the publisher will print and bind as many copies of the book as you want, you will have to take care of marketing, editing etc. yourself. On the plus side, you will own all rights to your books. Which of the option is best for you will depend on what kind of book you are writing and what your goals are. You can find a lot of interesting information about self-publishing in Mindstir Media.

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