The use of portable toilets on any building site is definitely a good choice for all using them and even helps to boost productivity, and provide overall positive benefits on any job. And also, at the end of any job, they will end up having saved you and your company, some good Aussie dollars.

During the course of all logistics planning for a construction site, there are many things which have to be set up in advance, including safety issues, easy access for all trucks and matters of fencing.

  • The portable toilets detail may seem like a minor issue and something that can be left till last. But, they are important and should be set up way before any construction begins for anyone who will be onsite before the building work kicks off.


Law and Cost Saving

Professional portable toilet hire for your construction site is not just a smart idea, in nearly all cases, it’s also the law. Depending on the size of the site, the HS (Health and Safety) may demand that there are portable toilets for workers. Any failure to do so and follow regulations may end up costing you time and money, so, it’s in your very best interests to cover your bases and sort out top quality portable toilets.

  • Although you may not realise it yet, having portable toilets at a building site increases productivity, and saves money and thus speeds up completion of any project.

Just think over any site minus portable toilets, and workers wandering off the site and seeking toilets. That is lost time should workers then get into the habit of leaving a site for longer than they should.

Time will be on Your Side

You may be surprised at how often the offsite toilet break turns into a smoko. And workers wandering around any offsite area can create negative relations with neighbours, which can lead to problems for the project.

  • With the simple hiring of portable toilets, you will then have sanitation facilities right there on your doorstep.

Workers are then a lot more accountable, and your job will then be more cost effective as workers spend longer amounts of time on the job and less time offsite.

Eco Friendly Advantage

Traditional toilets are big water wasters and after checking it out, if a site has a ten crew team working on a 40 hour week, they will normally use around 30 gallons of portable waste materials. Whereas traditional facilities need around 2,500 gallons of clean water to do the same!.

That’s quite some water saving advantages going on right there and good for the environment and the community. And don’t forget, that’s what is good for the environment is a bonus for any company, because you can then promote the eco-friendliness of your building site to all possible future clients.

So, the use of portable toilets just makes for great common sense, so do yourselves and every site a true favour!

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