Today, marketing has become an important thing for every businessman as it helps in increasing their sales and targeting large number of customers. Although there are many benefits of marketing, but it is almost impossible to ascertain the results of your marketing strategy. You are not able to identify whether the strategy will be able to achieve your goals or not. For this you can take the help of marketing metrics through which you can measure the performance of your marketing techniques and strategies.  They help you in keeping the track of your performance and helps in enabling the greater execution of all the business activities.

There are number of vanity metrics tools through which you can ascertain the results and can take other steps accordingly considering the results. There are many qualitative and quantitative marketing vanity metrics which proves to be very useful in estimating the coming results and customer responses. The first step involved in this process is setting up the goals of the organization. Goals will help in finding the right type of metric tool for your business activities. If your marketing goals will be clear then your chances of getting better results will increase. Almost every organization has the same goals which are profitability, increased sales, customer satisfaction and improving the relationship with your client.

Some of the tools for ascertaining the metrics

Bounce rate: This tool will help in ascertaining that how long the user stayed on the content of your online marketing site. Through this metric you will gain knowledge that how interesting your content is and whether any modification is needed in it or not.

E-mail subscriptions: You can use mail as a metric tool, for this you can organize certain campaigns and can launch them offering free trial period. This will help you in increasing the brand awareness through which traffic will increase in your website.

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