LED lighting has become one of the most important requirements of any school, office, institution and house as it very quite beneficial and offers you many advantages.  The main benefit of using this bulb is that you need not to change any fixture for using it that helps you in saving your cost. In fact, you can learn more about this by becoming an area manger of Neilite program. This program will help in making money and through this you can also show other customers how to use this and they can save money.

For this purpose you can contact with any of the companies those who are working in the same field.  You can find all the details of these companies by visiting the www.neiLite.com. In this, link you will get all the important information in quite easy manner. Being the area manger, there are many duties which you will have to perform such as advertising, providing proper support to the customers and solving their queries and issues.

Other important duties of area manager program

Storage: According to the program, it is necessary that the area manager should be prepared with well storage facility. It can either be a room, shed, garage or storage unit. It has to be dry and clean and away from moisture or any climatic changes. It will be used for storing lights and bulbs in an effective way. In fact the storage place should be a verified address or if not then no problem.

Receiving and distribution: LED bulbs are shipped in well packed boxes that can be 2, 4, 8 feet long and can weigh up to 40 pounds. It is the duty of area manger that they should remain prepared with all the necessary things and should provide transportation facilities for receiving them. All the lighting system should be checked before they are sent for delivery so that they should not get damaged during shipping.

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