Placements, recruitments and HR solutions, all you can say, are as crucial for companies as they are for job seekers. Still people ask that why this system needs a mediator service and solution providers for HR and recruitments when job seekers can directly approach companies or vice versa. How well it is managed to make this process so efficient and comparatively better than direct approaches. All is one need to know.

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HR & Recruitment solution companies VS Direct job approaches

The Need gives birth to new concepts, so there must be some loop holes in these direct recruitments of company, so that the concept of outsourcing in human resource came into being.  You should know where the traditional system lacked or lacks, so you need recruitment agencies and outsourcing of HR Solutions, just like Knowledge First Financial.

  1. Shifting of focus: Companies do tend to focus on their primary product or service and develop quality achieving greater sales and productivity. Of course, their focus is not supposed to shift more on hiring people and HR management as it is involving and multi-layer process needs specialization, dedication and management but as a matter of fact, it is important.
  2. Lack of dedicated skill set :  Human resourcing and recruitment process requires excellence in some  particular skill set and dedicated man power, resources and investment which often lacks in inter-company hiring.

Why recruitment companies are hired – how they perform?

These companies connect similar interests of job seekers to job providers.  Different layers of processing  are  managed simultaneously like  searching for candidates suiting particular job description of client ( company) ,  managing telephonic follow ups for scheduling interviews from both ends, Targeting ,categorizing and  profiling  candidates from job portal and other platforms, all in parallel scenarios. They optimize modern media technology like social media, advertising and marketing etc.  to reach wider range of job seekers.


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