We all have the best intentions of eating healthy but late nights at work or kids soccer practice can crumble any best laid plans. How can you cook great food at home when you don’t have the time to cook it? According to an cooking article there are plenty of simple meal ideas that you can use that will allow you to put great food on the table with very little time. Number one thing that is required is a plan. Try to at least cook more times a week than you eat out. Another great tip is to don’t underestimate the power of the freezer. When you do have some time off, try to cook up large portions so that you will have meals for the days you are too busy to cook. In another article it suggested that you choose pre-chopped foods and don’t be shy to use canned foods. Again, when you have time off is the best time to start preparing food for the entire week. On these days you will probably be spending a little more time in the kitchen but that time will be time well spent because you will know you have meals for the week.

If you are looking for an alternative to spending your free days in the kitchen than you might consider Hello Fresh. Hello Fresh is a leader in fresh food at home providers. The goal of Hello Fresh is to provide each and every household with gourmet home-cooked meals with out the hassle of having to plan, shop, or cook it yourself. Each week, Hello Fresh will have menus set aside for that particular week in the month. You can follow the classic plan which would provide you meals such as Sweet-As-Honey Chicken with snow peas over Jasmine Rice. Then there is the veggie plan that opens you up to a world that contains Flatbread Fattoush Salads. Or you can take the family plan route that contains Cheesy Chorizo Orzotto with tomatoes and spinach. What ever you decide, you can be sure that it will be fresh and delicious and with their partnership with Groupon Coupons you know you will be saving money as well.

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