Social media marketing is flourishing all across the globe, but in China it’s a whole another ball game. Social media here has a huge influence over the purchasing behavior of Chinese consumers. They also have their own brand of social media that is uniquely suited for the country. Here social media is not only a means for marketing; many of the top social media platforms have even integrated ecommerce abilities. And other platforms that started their journey as ecommerce platforms are developing their social media networks.

Create brand awareness

In this day and age social media is a great platform for advertising in almost all corner of the world, but as any local Chinese agency would tell you, it is a lot more essential in this country. You will have to interact and bond with your target audience a lot more than ever before.

You will do well to hire Top Advertising agencies in China because they know the Chinese market inside out and help you develop an effective strategy to create brand awareness through social media that is specifically targeted at the Chinese consumers.

Be local

This is a bit harder to understand, because you are clearly not Chinese, then how can you be local? Be local means that hire local Chinese agency to help you understand the culture of the country. The cultural difference is vast and unless you know the right way to approach consumers here, you might as well not try.

But this is something you can only accomplish by collaborating with Top Advertising agencies in China and by networking with local companies. Try to create as many local connections as you can, they will prove to be invaluable in the long run. Remember that the only way to be accepted in is by making friends in right places.

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