We believe in give and take policy. In simple terms, our file achiever software is free for you to grab it. This shall contain all essential functions, safety, and utility. If you are satisfied, we have no doubt that you will adore it; you can opt for paid software. The paid MLTek File Achiever is advanced making you free and relaxed.

The free offer, bonus, incentive, ‘one for two’ are of course marketers often use to their advantage; we are no exemption in that. But of course, there is a difference. Our free version of Archive Manager has all the basic functions for small and medium scale operations. Only when your operations go beyond branches, warehouses, countries, and continents, you may have to think of advanced paid version. In the process, we gain better market penetrations

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You can just download the free version of Archive Manager and start using it if only you are convinced of the utility, use, and efficiency you can try our advanced paid version. We are in the market since 2002 serving variety of customers across the globe storing a ton of files on our servers.

You can transfer from UNC to UNC and at the same time keeping a tab and links. You will be amazed at the scalability features of stored data. Furthermore NTFS from start to finish with directory structures, file attributes and permissions maintained at all times. With our free file achieving software solution, you can configure up to 5 scheduled jobs with cap of 100 data for each job

The free license is not time bound to your surprise. We care for your money and will not like to shell out on file achieving software if your storage is not that big. But if your requirement is running into tetra scale, you are advised to opt for the paid version. This would ease your database load significantly.

Let MLtek work for you all the way as efficient file archive manager.

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