Earlier, money transfer to Nepal from Australia was a challenging task as earlier, money was sent in the form of hard cash, bank cheques, demand drafts or promissory notes. These methods were time-consuming and risky as these could get damaged or lost in transit. The evolution of the remittance industry has made overseas money transfers easy, speedy and secure. Unlike the common perception about online remittance industry, it’s one of the safest, fastest and the most cost-efficient methods to transfer money overseas. Let’s take you through some reasons why using online remittance services is the safest way to send money to Nepal from Australia.

Less Transaction Time

Earlier, international money transfer was an expensive and time-consuming affair.  . Whereas online remittance providers ensure speedy and cost-effective money transfers, thanks to their Live FX rates, competitive transfer fees and transparency.  Using online remittance services minimises  the risk of losing money.

Send Money Electronically

While using the online remittance service to transact the money from one country to another country, there is no physical handling of the currency. All the functions of sending money are done electronically with the help of internet, and computer set. This again minimizes the risk losing money in between.

No Chance Of Fraud

Sending money through online remittance channels reduces the risk of fraud  as the money is transferred electronically and can be tracked at every stage. There is no intermediary involved in the process, which again reduces points of contact and makes the process smoother.

Higher Value Of Domestic Currency

Unlike offline methods, online remittance channels allow the sender to check the value of domestic currency. .   It is advisable as the value of currency might fluctuate in the middle of the transaction. This might affect the amount that you are transferring home.  Sending money through online remittance platforms ensures that you can track the currency rates and save money in the process.

Instant Notification Of Transaction

This is one of the most advanced features of online money remittance services. The person, who sends the money, receives updates about the status of the money at every stage of the transaction.  These updates help you keep a track of your money and also take prompt action in case of error in the details of the recipient.


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