Cobra is a tailored solution and powerful tool that is used for the earned value and cost control management by the well known company Deltek.  With Deltek Cobra software one can manage project performance, control cost of project and oversight while easily report on the requirements of the earned value. This powerful tool includes special varieties of capabilities like reliable program status, best program controls and accurate compliance reporting. Being information solution and expertise software Deltek services are mainly meant for the government contractors and professional firm services. For your project portfolio one need to learn about the establishment of the controls with effective management that should enhance the predictability of your business.

Understanding about the capabilities of the powerful management system for project costs:

  • Demonstrate and achieve real value of EVN and program controls

In industries one of the great challenges is to understand about the earned value management and about the investment in the program controls; with cobra to quickly produce detailed and accurate projects one would be quickly demonstrate the success.

  • Optimize resources

It is very important for the businesses to get up to speed and latest resources in manner that should be both effective and quick. The friendly user interface of the cobra can be really productive in just few days that include automated process, online help, helpful wizard, easy reporting and many new resources.

  • Integrate data and simplified reporting

For the accurate management of the projects performance cobra by integration cost actual, schedule information and resource enables complete picture as a better project health. Manual reporting can contain inaccurate or old data but by cobra is integrated with most accurate and timely data connected directly to your database that can directly output to MS excel for the customization as well as for easy modification.

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