If you have good writing skills and want to become a blogger and live in Minneapolis, then it is very important for you to have your own website, so that you can easily publish your blogs. Writing a blog in own website is more beneficial than for others because if your blog gets hit, the profit share will be only be yours. However, if any blogger wants to open their website then it is best advice to them that they should make use of wordpress.

 What is wordpress and why only wordpress?

 Wordpress is basically a platform on which you can create a website without any coding. This is best for the bloggers because by this way blogger doesn’t need to spend their money on hiring a web designer. By making the use of the wordpress, anyone can create a website and access it. It is a self hosted service that means you have complete control over your website and you can choose any theme, plugin etc. that you want to use. The best part of using the wordpress Minneapolis is that they don’t charge any price for website creating. It is free of cost and moreover there are many free themes and other stuff that you can include in your website in order to make your website more attractive and informative. However, not all items are free in wordpress but you can purchase these items for very reasonable amount.

WordPress is a very large platform for the one who belongs to the non-technical groups or does blogging and here you also get a chance to meet with other bloggers. You can also share your theme, plugins etc with each other.  Best part is that the code for application is open for everyone so whenever they need they can change it as per their requirement.

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