There was a time when manual vehicles were the only ones available and this was before the automatic vehicles came into play. The automatic transmission was introduced after the invention of the automobile. People who were used to the manual transmission tended to want to stick to them as they were more familiar to them.

As the automatic transmission has continued to be adapted, they have become more common and normal. There are those who are not familiar with the manual transmission as they got introduced to the automatic right away. This is somehow making manual transmission less important over time.

The difference

The main difference is the driving engagement. A manual transmission requires that the driver is fully in control with shifting the gears whereas in automatic transmission the automated system changes the gears on behalf of the driver.

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The skill

The skill level needed by a manual transmission is much more. This is because the driver needs to co-ordinate the throttle, clutch and the gears in order for the car to operate. As for the automatic transmission, the driver puts the car in drive and it automatically coordinates between the throttle, clutch and gears. So the driver focuses on the road and the appropriate car speed.

The advantages

Automatic transmission give the driver limited control but provides features that make them comfortable. They also help the driver stay focused on the road and avoid getting distracted by the controls. When you buy used automatic car in bangalore ensure that the system is in good state.

Even though a manual system may seem like a lot of work, there are advantages. It gives the driver full control of the vehicle and hence not vulnerable to exterior threats like hacking. They also offer better gas mileage depending on the condition of the road and driving habits.

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