Vacuuming is easy, it’s a simple chore that can even be assigned to the children in the family, and almost anyone can do it. You turn it on, push it around for a bit to clean up a few messes and you’re done. Somehow though, you still end up with a lot of dust and it can feel impossible to get a room truly spotless, so what goes wrong? Even a powerful Hoover vacuum is only as effective as the user operating it, so here are some tips that could really help in making the most of your vacuum.

Use the Attachments


Vacuums always seem to come with a lot of extra attachments that many folks hardly use. This is one of the biggest mistakes that vacuum owners make, they can really help in getting into those hard to reach places and remove dust and other allergens. They are also more effective in cleaning different kinds of flooring, from carpets to tile.

Empty or Change Your Bag Regularly


While a vacuum bag can seem like it’ll hold a lot it’s best to empty or replace it regularly before it becomes too overstuffed. If a bag becomes too full it’ll reduce the amount of suction on your vacuum, meaning more time wasted on your end actually vacuuming. Even worse, some of the dust and dirt can actually be pushed right back out if there isn’t enough space for the particles to circulate inside the bag, which would make the entire cleaning attempt pointless.

Maintenance is Just As Important


We don’t often think about just how vital proper maintenance is for a vacuum cleaner, many of them are usually quite durable and last for a long time. However, proper checks and maintenance can significantly extend the life of your vacuum cleaner and prevent malfunctions and other issues later. This could mean regularly replacing some parts, in which case keeping hoover spares on hand can save the day in an emergency. You never know when a belt will break on you and you end up with an even bigger mess on your hands.

Cut Tangled Hair and Other Small Objects


Everyone sheds, and the longer the hair the worse it is. It’s not uncommon for hair, strings, and other small objects to to get tangled up on your brush roll. Make sure to check for the underside of your vacuum regularly and use a pair of scissors to cut the items wrapped around the roll to improve your Hoover’s cleaning capability.

Be Thorough and Consistent


Do more than one pass around the room, go for all the hard to reach areas, move furniture, and most of all, set a schedule for yourself. Vacuuming regularly and doing it well when you do will help a larger more difficult cleaning later and make your time spent actually cleaning easier in the long run.

Hopefully these tips help in improving your cleaning sessions. A vacuum is a machine like any other that needs to be well taken care of and maintained to keep it functioning properly and get the most out of your investment.

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