Finding new leads is a never ending journey for any business. If you can put together an efficient system for finding new leads, you will have discovered half of the secret for growing from a small business to a big corporation. While each business has different needs, there are some lead generating strategies that never fail to deliver new leads. Keep on reading if you want to know how to attract new customers.

1. Networking

While the classical definition of networking may not apply to all businesses, if you expand this definition a little you can surely find a solution for your business. For example, one common networking practice is to ask your customers for recommendations. If you have a business where you have direct contact with the customers, such as a construction business, this can easily be achieved. But what if you have a clothing boutique, or even an online store. Well, the idea is the same, but you have to find an incentive for your customers. For example, you can provide your customers with a small discount if they refer a friend who makes a purchase. Use discount codes to simplify the process.

Another way to find new leads with networking is to identify complementing businesses, develop partnerships with those businesses and put together co-marketing strategies. For example, if you have an interior design shop, you could collaborate with a construction business. You can advertise each other on your websites, you can exchange lead lists and so on. Mastering the art of networking is crucial for any business person, and it always pays to develop good business relationships. The results may now show immediately, but you will always have something to gain from networking.

2. Invest in targeted lead lists

This is one of the most efficient methods of finding new sales leads. However, this method is also a bit tricky, as not all lead providers may be right for you. Blindly buying lead lists can be a waste of time and money, but if you invest in targeted lead lists you will have a lot to gain. Our recommendation would be to try out SalesRipe’s lead generation solution. They give you access to millions of business and consumer lists. The best thing about it is that you can segment those giant lead lists and only pay for the leads that match the profile of your business. SalesRipe’s leads come with valuable information that can help you segment the lists. From age to location and income for consumer leads, to number of employees and technical preferences for business leads, SalesRipe provides you with all the information you need to find the hottest leads.

3. Make the most of your website

When it comes to your website, there are two types of leads to focus on. First of all, you have the visitors. You will want to have as many visitors as possible, so you should invest in search engine optimization and search engine adds to increase your website’s traffic. Secondly, you will want to turn the visitors into actual sales leads. To do this, you will need some call to action buttons. For example, you can invite the visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. This will give you the opportunity to contact them directly when you launch different marketing campaigns. If your business provides services, you can also invite your visitors to request a free quote. After that, you can have your sales team contact those leads and close the deal.    

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