Seeing one’s home as a sanctuary is considered a necessity instead of a luxury in recent years and choosing the right light can dramatically improve the look of the spaces in the home and create a stunning impact on its ambiance. Depending on the overall appearance one is trying to develop, here are some light installation houston ideas to choose from based on functionality and style.


While these classic ceiling fixtures can make a room look grand, there’s no need to hold back on one’s creativity when choosing them as outdoor lighting pieces. Contemporary chandeliers can create elegance both inside and outside the home. They can work perfectly well in illuminating your outdoor spaces like open-air living rooms, patios, gardens, or verandas, and supplements the overall enjoyment that the exterior area provides to the home. Make sure to choose outdoor chandeliers that can withstand exposure to various elements of weather. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper installation or hire a licensed electrician.

Pendant Lights

If one is looking for more brilliant ideas, consider utilizing a pendant light. Like the outdoor chandeliers, these hanging lamps have seen a considerable increase in popularity due to the multifunctionality of its use, both as an indoor as well as an outdoor lighting piece.  For the outdoors, one recommended spot to have this installed is in the doorway.  Choosing a pendant light with an artistic design can provide a relaxing, ambient lighting aside from its use as a decorative element in the exterior of the home.  It is best to consider purchasing a model that prevents accumulation of insects, one that is sturdy as well as weather-proof.

String Lights

Even after the Holidays, string lights can be an all-year-rounder that one can use to brighten up the backyard. It works best in smaller outdoor spaces, and one can drape them across a wall, a vertical garden, over plants, or hung on trees to create a subtle effect and additionally provide a serene place to unwind.

Lanterns and Hurricane Lamps

Lanterns have been in existence with ancient civilizations, and the earliest mention of it was a poet from ancient Greece. Materials such as paper, silk, and animal hide were the first ones to be used. Lanterns made of metal and glass were a favorite since 1700’s and had evolved recently to be more of decorative in function. Portable ones and hurricane lamps are great with candles and can be moved around with ease when re-decorating the outdoor space. They can either be on tabletops or the floors. Electric ones are an excellent choice for permanent locations outdoors.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your outdoor lighting for accent and decoration, or for added safety and security, make sure to consult with a designer on which ones work best with the overall architectural design of the house, and hire a licensed electrician for safety and proper installation of the lighting fixtures.

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